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Has your organization been targeted by hackers? Are you concerned about customer data or IP being compromised? Or perhaps you suspect malicious activity on your network from within the organization and need to investigate it?

Time is of the essence – but there is no need to panic.

Our cyber security analysts have vast digital forensics experience and have helped organizations deal with security threats of all kinds. We can help you put out the immediate ‘fires’ and prevent future breaches…


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What happens from here?

If you have had a security breach, we need to work quickly. The longer you delay contacting us the more your data is at risk, the more evidence is lost through deleted logs, and the less likely it becomes to quickly track the perpetrator(s). Our incident response team is ready to offer rapid assistance.

After you fill out the above form or call us, we will activate the following digital forensics plan:

  • 14%
    Evidence collection (drive images, logs etc.)
  • 29%
    Forensic and special analysis of evidence
  • 43%
    Customer briefing
  • 57%
    Remediation of incident
  • 71%
    Monitoring and scanning for further vulnerabilities
  • 86%
    Detailed report of findings
  • 100%
    IT and executive briefing on preventing new intrusions

As your trusted partner in the cyber arena, we provide an end-to-end response to even the most serious security breaches.

We will find out the source and scope of the breach, compile evidence against the responsible party or parties, help you clean up your network, and advise how it can be prevented in the future.