Stay Ahead

of the Curve

Stay ahead of the curve with your security

Go beyond ‘pen tests’ and implement a custom solution designed by
security professionals

Protect your network BEFORE you are targeted

Build customer trust by better protecting their data

Respond more rapidly to threats or attacks

Sniff out malicious activity more effectively

Secure your organization’s Intellectual Property and personal data

Eliminate concerns about FINRA, PCI and HIPAA compliance

Start meeting your security challenges head-on

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A proactive response to increased security threats
Roka Security helps you protect your network:
  • BEFORE you experience a security breach
  • DURING a security attack, and/or
  • AFTER an incident occurs

Our suite of managed security services is flexible enough to help you protect your network from attacks, test against vulnerabilities, analyze for suspicious activity, and respond rapidly should a security incident occur.

There is no one-size-fits-all. Our modular approach to managed security means you can add what’s required when it’s required to ensure compliance, repel threats, and protect customer data.

$0 Contracts = Rapid Response

If you have a security incident, it can take days to arrange the legal side of things. This prevents rapid action and can greatly worsen the damage to your network and data.

To avoid this, we offer a $0 contract with our Master Services Agreement which allows you to set up the necessary security arrangements and legal necessities so we are able to respond rapidly if an incident occurs, and minimize the damage.

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Who is Roka Security?

Roka Security started from a group of specialists in the governmental and intelligence fields, as well as large-scale data center and network deployments. We have become the bleeding-edge of cyber security solutions, our engineers and analysts finding problems and intruders quicker than the others.

Acting as an outsourced CISO for your organization, we have your unique security interests at the heart in everything we do.

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Here’s what our clients say…

“Roka has been a great find and partner to our organization. They were fairly priced, offered great service and project management. They understood our requirements and needs and were very helpful in providing a solution for us…a great group to work with.”

Steven Grunblatt Senior VP and Director of Technology

“Diadeis New York recently contacted Roka Security, Inc. to conduct a vulnerability scan of both our internal and externally facing systems. The folks at Roka were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and thorough and the results provided were highly detailed”.

Greg Floro Director of IT

“Roka Security is our go-to company for all of our technology security issues… the best professional services on the east coast.”

Dr. Daniel Gallagher Superintendent