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Penetration Testing



At Roka Security, our pen testing services are designed to be the most comprehensive, effective test of your network’s security that you will find. With a highly trained staff of ethical hackers, years of experience, and the most cutting-edge technology and tactics available, we are able to find gaps in your security before someone else does.

Why Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing offers a number of advantages that go beyond the obvious reason of finding gaps so you can patch them.
The full list of advantages of pen testing include:

Meet Compliance Requirements

Depending on a number of circumstances and factors, you may be required to have penetration testing performed at certain intervals. Organizations which may require pen testing as part of their compliance standards include AUDIT, PCI DSS, HIPPA, and your insurance company.

Uncover Security Risks

Security risks are rarely obvious and may go completely unnoticed. With penetration testing, you can discover the security risks that exist in your network before they are discovered by someone with ill-intent. This allows you to close any gaps in your security and shore up your defenses.

Avoid Fines for Non-Compliance

If penetration testing is a requirement for compliance, the fines for non-compliance are often quite stiff. Having pen testing performed allows you to avoid those fines.

Inspire Customer Confidence

By announcing that your company performs regular pen tests, though, you can inspire customer confidence and make your customers more likely to do business with you.

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Our Deliverables

At Roka Security, we take pride in providing the most comprehensive penetration testing service in the industry. Valuable deliverables you will be given with our pen testing service include:

Full Insights and Complete Transparency

We believe that knowledge is vital and want you to understand what it is that we are doing every step of the way. We'll walk you through the process and keep you filled in on what we are doing and what we find in real time.

Comprehensive Reports

At the end of our pen testing, we will provide you and your company with a comprehensive report that focuses largely on your compliance needs. This report can then be submitted to HIPPA, PCI DSS, and others to prove your compliance. In addition to this, our final report can be fully customized to follow any format and include any details that you require.

Management and Technical Reports

If any flaws in your security are found, you will need to know how to correct them. This is why we are happy to provide management and technical reports that you can share with your IT staff and other executives so that they can digest and address anything that our penetration testing turns up.

Project Reporting

In addition to providing final reports once the pen testing is complete, we also provide project reporting as the process is carried out so you are able to fully understand what it is we are doing and what it is we find as the testing goes on.

Letter of Results

The final deliverable for our pen testing service is a Letter of Results from Roka Security for Auditors.

Certifications and Associations

At Roka Security, our staff have proven themselves to be experts in penetration testing and hold associations and certifications in:

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