Vulnerability Assessment

What don’t you know about your network’s security?

The Roka Security Assessment

In order to help secure your infrastructure, we must first understand how it is configured, how it’s used, and what you require to achieve future success. After establishing this through an initial meeting and by working with your leadership, IT, and security staff we run our network security assessment that will include:

  • 20%
    A configuration deep-dive - review of device and software configurations and specific recommendations.
  • 40%
    Top-down analysis from Internet connectivity of DMZ and corporate to network devices, internal routing and access controls.
  • 60%
    Analysis of servers, desktops, services and applications.
  • 80%
    Vulnerability scan, internal and external – our scanning appliance is installed to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • 100%
    Intrusion Detection - our IDS appliance is installed to monitor traffic and identify potential active threats and policy violations.

Identify vulnerabilities BEFORE they become a threat to your network security.

Blissful ignorance is a dangerous option when it comes to network security and protecting data.

Many organizations think that penetration testing is all they need to do for an effective vulnerability and threat assessment strategy.  This falls short of a security assessment.

What is required is a comprehensive security assessment at every level of your network. Without this, you are not fully protecting your customer’s data, staff data, your own IP Intellectual Property, or anything else that’s most important to your organization.

Roka Security gives you the peace of mind that comes from having a cyber security plan in place. An assessment help you maximize the security of your network and the effectiveness of your technology investment.

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What’s included in our threat & vulnerability assessment?

We provide an in-depth, efficient, cost-effective review of your current network and infrastructure. You receive:

  • An in-depth network assessment performed by a team of security professionals
  • Roka will assess all areas of your environment, Internet, DMZ, Intranet, Network, Servers, and Desktop
  • Documentation review and analysis
  • Policies, Procedures review and analysis
  • A detailed report that covers the findings in priority order with recommended fixes
  • Security recommendations sorted by impact, severity, and turn-around time.
  • A presentation of the report to make sure that all the security implications are understood.

Is penetration testing enough?

Penetration testing is designed to show that someone can get in, not how to secure your systems. Our security assessment focuses on keeping hackers out to help prevent unauthorized access as well!

A persistent, professional hacker will always analyze your system and try more than one way to get in, so penetration tests are just one part of your overall security assessment.

Use our experience of security to improve yours…

With many years of experience working in security for government, financial, healthcare, industrial, chemical, non-profit, and in many other leading sectors, our elite team (including former US government hackers) is well-equipped to advise, assist, and protect you…

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