Vulnerability Assessment

What's the Security Posture of Your Network?

Get Compliant, Be Secure, Feel Safe!

Whether you need help with NIST 800-171 compliance or need a report on your security posture, Roka Security’s Vulnerability Assessment service will show you your security gaps and how you stand up against industry security standards.

Your Vulnerability Assessment will include

  • 20%
    Compliance Check
    NIST 800-171 and other Security Framework Compliance
  • 40%
    Device Configuration Deep-Dive and Staff Interviews
  • 60%
    Final Report
    Security Framework Comparison, Executive Summary, Steps for Compliance and Remediation
  • 80%
    Vulnerability Scan
    Internal and External
  • 100%
    Intrusion Detection
    1 Month Free of Roka's IDS Managed Service

Identify issues BEFORE they threaten your network security.

Penetration Tests are Not Enough

Many organizations think that penetration testing is all they need to do for an effective vulnerability and threat assessment strategy.  Penetration Tests should usually take place after a Vulnerability Assessment and remediation.

Where to Start

What is required is a comprehensive security assessment at every level of your network. Staff interviews, document and device configuration review are all part of the Vulnerability Assessment process. Roka knows how to get you through the process in days, not weeks or months!

Sleep Better

Roka Security gives you the peace of mind that comes from having a cyber security plan in place. An assessment help you maximize the security of your network and the effectiveness of your technology investment.

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What’s included in our Threat & Vulnerability Assessment?

We provide an in-depth, efficient, cost-effective review of your current network and infrastructure. You receive:

  • An in-depth network assessment performed by a team of security professionals
  • Roka will assess all areas of your environment, Internet, DMZ, Intranet, Network, Servers, and Desktop
  • Documentation review and analysis
  • Policies and Procedures review and analysis
  • A detailed report that covers the findings in priority order with recommended fixes
  • Security recommendations sorted by impact, severity, and turn-around time.
  • A presentation of the report to make sure that all the security implications are understood.

But What about Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is designed to show that someone can get in, not how to secure your systems. Our security assessment focuses on keeping hackers out to help prevent unauthorized access as well!

A persistent, professional hacker will always analyze your system and try more than one way to get in, so penetration tests are just one part of your overall security assessment.

Roka Security also provides Penetration Testing Services when your ready to test your defenses.

Cyber Security Industry Leaders …

With many years of experience working in cyber security for government, financial, healthcare, industrial, chemical, non-profit, and in many other leading sectors, our elite team (including <b>former US government hackers</b>) is well-equipped to advise, assist, and protect you…

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