Intrusion Detection

Managed cyber security intrustion detection services

What Roka's intrusion detection service finds:

  • 20%
  • 40%
    Employee violations
  • 57%
    Out of date software
  • 80%
  • 100%
    Other threats

Think your firewall is enough to detect and prevent intruders from entering your network and compromising your data? Or to prevent corporate espionage?

It’s not.

Any professional hacker can get around your firewall; which means you cannot be totally certain that your network and all your sensitive data is secure.

A more comprehensive approach to network security is required, involving managed network monitoring, and a combination of both automated and human-based intrusion detection.

That’s where Roka Security has you covered…

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Why is a firewall not enough?

A firewall is only part of a robust network security strategy. It acts as a gatekeeper, checking ‘to’ and ‘from’ IP addresses and either allowing or refusing entry.

Even if your firewall is ‘locked-down’, malware is still able to slip through. Today’s malware is smarter, sneaking across the border in traffic that firewalls mark as legitimate.

We help you bridge this gap by inspecting at the packet level and identifying threats before they take hold in your network. We provide the best of both automated and human detection.

What does our managed intrusion detection service cover?

Our network monitoring service provides managed intrusion detection and prevention that provides the type of robust surveillance that a firewall on its own simply cannot do.  Gain intelligence on what is entering, exiting and traversing your network.

We work with your IT team to help you gain insight into precisely what’s happening on your network and prevent intrusions before they happen. This saves time, resources, and money, and helps you comply with the latest security regulations:

  • Monitor your network for malicious activity and policy violations ( e.g. pornography or bit-torrent use)
  • Detect malware and viruses—no matter how advanced
  • Inspect all traffic entering, circulating, and exiting your network
  • Stay up to date daily with the latest emerging threats
  • Detect unpatched software (Java, Flash etc) from compromising your network
  • Detect unencrypted logins containing ID’s and Passwords in clear text
  • Help your IT team act on the information to prevent attacks and to find policy violators
  • Relieve the maintenance burden on your team with a fully managed cyber security service
  • Partner with your IT team to help them maintain a process of continuous improvement
  • Receive activity summary reports as required

Why use a managed intrusion detection service

  • Your IT team has limited bandwidth to manage another system and implement another process
  • Your IT team does not need lengthy training to learn a new system
  • Network Monitoring is a core expertise of Roka Security.  We can implement this service for less cost to you, and you are getting experts who know how to monitor your network everyday.
  • This frees up your IT team to implement business driven initiatives to increase revenue and reduce expenses.


Cost-effective and easy to implement—no downtime

We’ll configure and ship our IDS appliance to you.  Installation is quick and easy, just install behind your firewall and connect it to a SPAN port off of a core switch. The appliance connects securely to the Roka Security Operations Center and immediately begins monitoring traffic on your network.

We keep the IDS sensor updated daily with the latest threat intelligence, and you’ll immediately start receiving notifications from Roka:

  • We work with your IT Point of Contact team to handle alerts.
  • Alert tickets include details of the suspected intrusion, reference information and recommendations on how to fix and address the issue.

We also provide periodic IDS Summary Reports that help your IT team see trends, track progress and maintain a process of continuous improvement of your network and infrastructure.

Your reports show the intrusions or policy violators that you stopped, rather than the problems created after they get through.

What you get from Roka


Experienced in security…

Our security specialists have worked with government, financial, healthcare, industrial, chemical, non-profit, and many other types of organizations. This elite team includes former US government hackers and FBI forensic experts, with the experience and expertise to advise, assist, and protect you…

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