About Roka Security

Your trusted cybersecurity team

Your trusted cyber security and incident management partner

Headquartered in the Washington DC area, Roka Security is a boutique security firm specializing in full-scale network protection, defending against advanced attacks, and rapid response to security incidents.

We understand the threats that modern organizations face. In fact, we started from a group of cyber security specialists working in governmental and intelligence fields, and now also include experts with backgrounds in large-scale data centers and network deployments.

Who better to prevent attacks and respond to incidents than professional hackers who worked for the government?

Our experience is your protection

Our in-depth experience in managed security services aids medium to large organizations protect their data, secure their intellectual property, and ensure their customer’s data stays absolutely safe.

Whether it’s consulting on general security issues, performing security assessments, monitoring and scanning networks, assisting with the latest network design or datacenter build-out, or responding to an incident, we work in partnership with our customers to meet all their cyber security needs.

In fact, many customers find that, by hiring us, they can avoid the expense of having to hire a Chief Information Security Officer.

How are we different?

Too many security firms believe that their job is to come into a client’s environment and throw up roadblocks in the name of security.

We believe the goal of any security plan should be to enable a company to do business, not to hinder it. Stopping attackers and keeping data safe allows you to maintain your competitive advantage and meet regulatory requirements, not to hinder the process of doing business with too much security!

Who is Roka?

Our company name and logo comes from the founder’s German Shepherd, Roka. With our core mission to protect our customers and guide them through cyber security issues, it seemed natural for our logo to be the German Shepherd.

Hire Roka Security today, and become part of the pack.

State-of-the-art security

Our state-of-the-art security operations center gives you the peace of mind that not only are you entrusting your security to the best possible team of professionals, but our infrastructure is housed in the most secure environment possible.

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