Case Study

How MSPs can gain a competitive advantage by offering Cyber Security

The Client

Meridian is a ‘Master’ Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Virginia. It has a large client base, for which it provides a comprehensive range of IT services, including:
  • Hosting
  • Network and managed services
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services
  • Technology and Help Desk support
  • Imaging and printing solutions
  • Office equipment
  • Document management

The Challenge

Meridian wanted to create an offering to address the failure of businesses that were failing to keep up with security issues.

Also, Meridian sought to gain a competitive advantage by adding cyber security to its service offerings – both for their existing customer base and to attract new customers.

As a growing need in practically every industry, cyber security was continuously coming up. Meridian was fielding more questions regarding cyber security offerings from their customers, and the company wanted to offer best practice security services to meet this growing demand.

They had tried other managed security services in the past but were looking for a robust and costeffective service that was easy to integrate into their service model.

What Had They Tried Before?

Despite providing hosting, managed services, helpdesk, vCIO services, and other IT services for customers, security had never been at the forefront of the offerings from Meridian.

In many other areas of IT, the company was already providing best practice services for customers and their technology environment; but not in the area of cyber security, despite growing demand from customers.

It was supporting customers with all of their services hosted within the Meridian MSP network; and also those with their own infrastructure that the Meridian technology team managed.

As a professional MSP and technology company, Meridian did their due diligence to research security products and services. They then needed to make a decision to either build in-house cyber security expertise or to bring in a partner.

After trying a few solutions, they ended up deciding to bring in a trusted partner. This made the most sense as it allowed the business to concentrate on its ‘bread and butter’ offerings, while also allowing upsell of additional services to customers, which would include cyber security.

The Solution

Download the entire case study to find out how Meridian gained a competitive advantage by offering cyber security as an MSP.